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Bundle service provides herbal injections along with cockroach baiting, which is recommended by the company because with the effectiveness of reagents and baits when used together, cockroaches can be used to double the effect.


Service process

  1. Make an appointment with a local survey technician or call the authorities to report a problem.
  2. Expert scholars offer solutions and recommend the services they need.
  3. Shop online on the advice of the staff.
  4. Pay via website and schedule appointment when payment is completed.
  5. The service is available on the date of appointment for 45-60 minutes or more.
  6. The Company will follow up after the service according to the company's warranty conditions.


Most cockroaches gradually disappear, but depending on other factors such as internal and external cleanliness, etc.

It is designed to be used to get rid of cockroaches urgently. Suitable for less problems with a short-term 1-3 months of prevention, including reagent and bait injection services, which increase efficiency up to 2x, see results early within 48 hours, and cockroaches will decrease by more than 95%.

Long term
It is designed to be used to permanently get rid of cockroaches It focuses on population reduction and the root cause of the problem. With innovative nanotechnology, suitable for serious problems.
Focus on long-term prevention for 1 year or more, including reagent injection and bait placement services, which increase efficiency by twice as much, see results early within 48 hours and cockroaches will decrease by more than 99%.

We would like to inform you that all our products are herbs that are safe for children and pets, and our reagents have been certified by leading hospitals in the country, such as Sindhorn Hospital, Sukhumvit Hospital, Ramkhamhaeng Hospital Panya Hospital has been available to us in the patient's room. As such, we dare to ensure that our herbal reagents are 100% safe for children and pets.

It will take about 45-60 minutes for the authorities to work without the need to evacuate the area.

If you still have questions, you can read all the FAQs by clicking on this link, reading all faqs, or calling 065-521-4000 or sending a message to

Bundle service from 13 reviews

  1. Pailyn W. (Service Buyer)

    on time Responsible for the job We are looking forward to seeing you back in the day.

  2. Mark DeLaFleur (Service Buyer)

    I highly recommend this company. Their customer service is excellent and the spraying took care of our cockroach infestation and was non-toxic for our pets. And best of all, it was reasonably priced.

  3. Pattika Subsoontorn (Service Buyer)

    Pay attention to follow up It worked the first time.

  4. sirinan anekwiroj (Service Buyer)

    Let's praise you today. Doctor Cockroach's removal company was impressed the first time I used the service because she was so slowly disappearing that I was worried that it was a restaurant which was quite serious about it. But got Dotor Cockroach, a herbal reagent. Injection time does not harm people and food. The more we feel that we choose not to be wrong, the better to use chemical drugs because they will harm the health of both customers and employees at the store. Doctor Coakroach is an interesting choice.

  5. Chal (Service Buyer)

    The staff were very friendly and helpful.

  6. K K (Service Buyer)

    Very good service. The staff were very friendly and helpful. That's a good explanation. The work of cockroach remover, which is made from munprai, has been effective since day one. Cockroaches have been recovered from the house, but I still have to close the compartments where cockroaches come in to prevent long-term problems. If you are looking for a cockroach removal service, recommend Doctor Cockroach.

  7. Huỳnh Bảo Ngọc (Service Buyer)

    Great service. They way it works is like feeding the cockroaches poison food not normal spraying so it really effective. Highly recommend

  8. Apple pomme (Service Buyer)

    The staff were very friendly and helpful. No smell

  9. GregoryJ Labarre (Service Buyer)

    Thank you for solving my cockroach problem. For many months my kitchen was infested with those horrible creatures, and conventional sprays just weren’t working, nor those sticky roach traps, nor the monthly visits from the building exterminator. I gave up and would just kill them with a wet towel. They were inside my toaster and coffee maker. Then I found Doctor Cockroach in a web search. You phoned me the same day – a Sunday – to arrange for a next-day appointment. You were so attentive and explained that the herbal spray was not toxic, and that was great to hear. All other treatments had that toxic smell; with your treatment, no odor at all. Miraculously, almost overnight the cockroaches disappeared. In the days after treatment, rarely did I see any live bugs. Now I see none. Now, two weeks later, you came for the second treatment. Thank you for changing my life.

  10. Aparna Mehta (Service Buyer)

    They were very punctual. The service was great and thorough. I’m very happy with their service.

  11. Jakkapong Jitpong (Service Buyer)

    It's the second round. This time it was used because I moved to a new property. I will not see any more insects once.

  12. Mango (Service Buyer)

    Communication was smooth and the staff who came to my apartment was super polite and did a very thorough job in spraying the whole area. I saw many dead cockroaches the next morning, which made me very happy (although disgusted). Haven’t seen any cockroaches since we had the service (although it’s only been a week). But based on my experience so far Dr. cockroach did a great job

  13. Tane Evans (Service Buyer)

    Thanks again for great service!

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