Termite Control Service Add On (Extra Time)

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Termite removal in this special time is only open to customers who are purchased by the company. It is necessary to use the service during special hours or outside of business hours, including customers who are restaurants, hotels, etc.

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Chasing or disposing of rats at this special time is an add-on service, which customers need to purchase the main service first. It is only open to customers that the company can buy. It is necessary to access the service during special hours or outside of business hours, which includes customers who are restaurants, hotels, etc., which will start at the company's out-of-business hours at 11 p.m. Until 2:00 a.m. We will charge a special rate of 500 baht per time. Also at 2 a.m. Until 05.00 a.m. We will charge 800 baht per time.


This special time service is most likely for the company or customers who would like to be serviced in the extra special hours, such as restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

This special time service can use for each time of purchase only.

After selecting a payment method and having completed the payment, you can choose the extra date and time purchased by the customer. Customers will receive an email about the details and methods for the appointment.

In the event that the customer has made an appointment, the date and time of the appointment will be confirmed by the staff, but the customer will need to postpone the appointment. This can only be done 24-48 hours before service. Otherwise, the company will need to charge 50% of the rate change and then be able to enter the service on the postponed date.

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