Termite Removal Service with Herbs


We are pleased to provide termite removal services in homes and buildings with modern innovations from safe, colorless, odorless herbal reagents using needle heads to inject, service, and disperse. It does not harm people and pets, and the solution destroys the digestive system of termites. Then the termites gradually starve to death and disappear within 24 hours.

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Unique Technique

We use a special syringe designed specifically to get rid of cockroaches which can access every corner more thoroughly than conventional methods.

Service process

Make an appointment for an expert technician to explore the area or call the authorities to report a problem.
Expert staff offer solutions and recommend the services they need.
Use the password received from the email and purchase the service according to the instructions of the agent.
Payment via website and appointment of the date when the service is completed.
A team of experts is available at the appointment date of 30-60 minutes.
The Company will follow up after service according to the company's warranty conditions.

Warranty Conditions

The company guarantees that termitiots will disappear within at least thirty days. From the date of completion of the service, if the customer continues to see the endemphage within thirty days of the first service, the service will be completed. The company is willing to provide one more repeat service at no cost. In addition, the Company will be required to charge additional fees at the rate specified by the Company. The company reserves the right to manage appointments within at least three working days. However, the company will not guarantee the following results: One way, the customer does not take care of the cleanliness of the house. Orderly storage of various utensils for easy service of staff as of the date of service and after the date of completion of service, which will result in inefficiency. Two external factors that cause force majeure, such as rain, flooding, can result in a decrease in reagent performance. Three, in the event that the customer's communications with the authorities are unclear. This caused the service to crash and incomplete. Therefore, the company reserves the right to guarantee.


Most of the time, the endemics are cured by 99%, depending on other factors, such as maintaining internal and external cleanliness.

In case the company has completed the service, The customer is still experiencing problems and is still in the company's warranty period of 1 month. The company reserves the right to make an appointment, date or change date and time by notifying the customer 1 day prior to the service.

The company would like to inform you that all our products are herbal safe for children and pets, and our reagents have been approved by leading national hospitals such as Sinphat Hospital, Sukumaran Hospital, Ramkhamhaeng Hospital, Panya Medical Hospital, all of which have been serviced by us in the ward. As such, we dare to assure you that our herbal reagents are 100% safe for children and pets.

It will take officers approximately 30-60 minutes to work, without the need to evacuate the area.

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