Chemical Bait Removal Services

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We are pleased to provide rat removal services with chemical baits in homes and buildings with modern innovations, this method is suitable for cases where customers find a large number of rodents and want to get rid of rodents, placing chemical baits in the corridors of rodents, and chemical baits to lure rats to eat, and then to act on causing rats to die immediately.


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We are providing services using chemical bait imported from abroad which In the first step, a team of experts will place the victims in corridors or hideouts of rodents, mainly focusing on open areas outside the house. Which caused me to get tired of my food and blood clotting and die instantly. Our staff will not be available to collect dead rat carcasses. This will permanently eliminate rodents, which will reduce the population of rodents, as such, this method is ideal for cases where a large number of rat outbreaks are found and damages customers.

Service process

  1. Make an appointment with a local survey technician or call the authorities to report a problem.
  2. Expert scholars offer solutions and recommend the services they need.
  3. Shop online on the advice of the staff.
  4. Pay via website and schedule appointment when payment is completed.
  5. The service is available on the date of appointment for 30-45 minutes or more.
  6. The Company will follow up after the service according to the company's warranty conditions.


We would like to keep in mind that this service will cause the rat to die 100% suddenly, it is a way to remove the rat. It is ideal for customers who have many mice and want to get rid of them immediately.

The company must learn that putting on a rat-riding chemical bait is suitable for customers who want to get rid of rodents.

The company has no policy of keeping rat remains. In case of rat death through the client, it is necessary to collect it on its own.

It will take about 30-45 minutes for the authorities to work without the need to evacuate the area.

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